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Computer BYTES provides complete solutions for all of your computing needs. No matter what the job is you can be confident that you will never overpay for services from us. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, professional expertise, and reliability that you insist upon and deserve is our ultimate goal.

Service Contracts

Even the most sophisticated hardware and software require routine maintenance to keep computer and network systems running optimally. Vendors are continually releasing maintenance updates such as operating system patches, firmware updates, software patches, and virus definitions. Performance degradation is usually a result of system saturation, fragmentation and misconfiguration caused by prolonged use. Computer BYTES maintenance specialists use the latest tools to proactively identify and correct existing and potential problems as well as optimize network performance.

What are the benefits?

  • Unlimited email support
  • Telephone and remote support (Option)
  • Reduced downtime – maintenance reduces the risk of computer and network outages
  • Reduced hourly rates on additional services
  • Rapid response – 4 hour response time for on-site and telephone support
  • Priority Service – contracted clients receive priority over other clients

Computer BYTES Maintenance Agreements are designed to minimize support costs by providing customized maintenance, support and consultation services to meet the specific needs of your business. Please contact us to find out how a cost effective plan can be implemented for your company.

Network Services

Computer BYTES can provide the right networking solution for you. Wired and wireless solutions for your home or small business are available now.

Fast and reliable communication is the key to success for every type of business and home user. Internal communications are just as important as communications with customers, suppliers, business partners, friends and family. If your network is down, you pay the price. If it’s not properly installed your investment in PC’s, workstations, servers and software is potentially wasted. If your network is not secure your data and personal information is at risk. This increases downtime and could increase lost revenue and identity theft. The life expectancy of your wired and wireless infrastructure is far greater than any of the hardware connected to it, so a network that is properly installed, well designed, secured, and backed by a warranty is the only way to protect your investment.

Web Hosting

Our Business Pro integrated hosting solution will accommodate all of your eBusiness needs. Below we list just a few of the many features and current specials that we offer.

2GB storage , 500 POP3 email accounts, 50GB Transfer, 3 MySQL databases, FrontPage extensions, FTP, SSL, PERL, PHP, CGI, site stats, control panel, spam and virus protection, and much more! Both plans include domain registration for length of service contract.

1 year $239.40* ($19.95/mo)
2 year $358.80* ($14.95/mo) $119.40 savings vs. 1 year plan

* All plans must be prepaid in full to qualify for discounted rates.

Point of Sale (POS) Equipment and Software

Computer BYTES is an authorized reseller for M-S Cash Drawer equipment and a Quickbooks POS software solution provider. We guarantee a successful implementation of your project, and offer a variety of products and services that represent most retail technology manufacturers. Based on your requirements and budget, we will evaluate multiple products prior to offering our recommendations. We use a creative approach to providing solutions, and as a result our clients receive products that meet their expectations for functionality, quality and pricing. The following represents a partial list of products that we provide.

We are now an authorized Aldelo reseller for your restaurant point of sale needs. (Demo available)

  • POS Terminal
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Cash Drawers
  • Touch Screens
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Back UPS
  • Receipt & Barcode Printers

Spyware Removal

Malware (malicious software) is software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system, without the owner’s consent. Examples of malware include viruses, Trojan horse programs, worms, and certain forms of hijacking spyware. These forms of spyware are written to collect personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personal information for identity theft and fraud. It’s possible for certain types of malware to change default program settings to allow an attacker access to the computer, or monitor a user’s keystrokes to gain information. The information is then sent off to the attacker to use as they see fit. The majority of spyware is adware. The purpose of an adware program is to capture so-called “anonymous” data for targeted advertising. Adware is usually just an annoyance, but in some cases can cause greater difficulties. This internet garbage not only slows your computer down, but it can cause operating system errors, random popups that may contain pornography, and redirect your browser to random websites without your consent.

Unfortunately, cleaning an operating system that has been infected is no longer as simple as it used to be. Malware has become increasingly more difficult to clean, as malware creators find more ways to avoid removal. No single anti-virus or anti-spyware application can successfully remove all malicious content that has been installed on a computer. In fact, it is not unusual to resort to an arsenal of security products, online scanners, and anti-spyware/ virus software in an attempt to ensure everything has been properly removed. Furthermore, there are many dubious anti-malware products, from those that are advertised by malware or those from creators who strike deals with malware creators to ignore their software.

Computer BYTES specializes in malware removal. We typically run between ten to fifteen different tools on each computer that is checked in for a “malware-related” issue. On heavily infected machines it’s not uncommon to have to manually remove certain files and run additional non-commercially available tools to disinfect the system. This is a time consuming task which cannot be rushed. No other store in the Concho Valley can match our superior level of service; we guarantee it!

Projector & Screen Rental

No-Hassle DLP Projector Rentals are our specialty! Today’s top projector at the size, brightness and resolution you need. We also carry a cutting edge widescreen projection screen that is collapsible and self-standing. Multiple day discounts! For more information or to place a reservation call 325-223-9200

View Rental Price Sheet

RMA Service

Computer BYTES offers a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) service for
our customers that do not want to hassle with the process required to
get a defective product repaired or replaced. Even if you did not purchase the
item(s) from our store, we will be able to contact the manufacturer directly.

The items must meet the following guidelines:

  • The items must be under warranty term as warranty constraints
  • The items must have all of the original manufacturer labels
  • The items must never be modified or changed before service is
  • The items must be in “reasonable” cosmetic condition

The RMA handling fee is $15.00

Return Shipping Cost (The cost you pay to send an item back to the
manufacturer) will be quoted upon the item being checked-in for the RMA
service. The manufacturer will typically cover the costs to ship the item back to us.


There is a 30 day labor guarantee on all services performed. All of our products carry the original manufacturers warranty.

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