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Price-matching Policy

Terms and Conditions of Price Matching Eligibility

  • The competitor’s store must be a locally owned and operated facility. No chain (Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart, etc.) or online stores will be matched.
  • The product is immediately available for pick up at a price that is not an error, mistake, or typo.
  • Price match only applies at the time of ordering or purchase.
  • The product is not being sold through a group-buy.
  • Price matching excludes any kind of used parts.
  • The competitor’s product is not a grey market product.
  • The price to be matched will be before any mail-in or instant rebates.

Our Policy on Price Matching

If a local reseller is offering a true brand name product we will match their price to earn your business. We cannot price match bait and switch, grey market items, or used equipment; we can match direct from the manufacturer products. We do reserve the right to refuse a price match if we feel that it is too low (i.e. going out of business, too much inventory, etc.) or just plain unreasonable. Just like you, we have families to feed and bills to pay. A small profit in exchange for valuable technical assistance and real-time conversation is not too much too ask. We do offer discounts for large or volume orders so please ask us.

Our policy does not extend to matching competitors prices after they have matched our already low prices. This is called matching a match. Price matching applies to exact product matches. Matching is based on the delivered price including shipping and handling if any. Liquidations, close-outs and commercial bids do not qualify for this guarantee.

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